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Remote control gates in Norfolk & Suffolk

If you’re looking for a professional team to supply and install remote control gates across Norfolk and Suffolk, get in touch with Anglia Gates, today.

Innovative access control solutions

When you invest in automatic gates, you need high security and convenience guaranteed. We offer a number of access control options to suit your needs. From simple remote control options to allow you to open the gate through to highly secure video camera systems, you’ll find everything you need here. To find out more about our remote control gates and other access solutions, contact our team.

Remote control

Remote control

At the touch of a button your gates glide open as you drive up to them. For your security FAAC uses the latest rolling code technology to thwart scanners and cloning.  An alternative is a proximity device that recogises your can and opens the gates as you approach.

Keypad control

With an intercom system you can talk to anyone at the gate before letting them in.  The intercom box is also fitted with a digital keypad that allows you to give trusted callers a confidential code number.  The intercom box is designed to be vandeal-proof and can be either surface or flush-mounted.

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