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Swing gates

Find out more about getting automatic gates for your home or business in Norfolk or Suffolk, by calling our professional, knowledgeable team at Anglia Gates.

Want the convenience and high security of automatic gates but worried about the effect on the aesthetics of your home? Underground gate automation reduces the visual impact of the automatic gate installation. Each system has a foundation box for easy installation and long-term maintenance, making it the ideal addition to your property. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today to find out more from our experienced installers.
Underground Operators
underground operator

Underground Operators

Underground operators provide discreet automation of your entrance gates. The gate motors are mounted in load bearing foundation boxes with the motor pivot effectively becoming the bottom hinge of the gate. Underground operators have the advantage of being able to open to up to 180 degrees and also have integrated open and close stops to avoid the need for physical stops in the centre of the driveway which can be a hazard for both vehicles and pedestrians.

There are two types of underground operators, electro mechanical and hydraulic. The electro mechanical are the most popular and most frequently used and provide many years of trouble free operation providing they are regularly serviced and not subjected to flooding. Where water levels are a concern hydraulic operators can be the solution being able to work completely submerged without damage.

Gate Mounted Operators

There are two types of gate mounted operators, articulated arms and standard rams.

Gate Mounted Operators

gate operator
With this type of operator the motor is generally attached to the pier or post and the arm then attaches to the gates. These operators are particularly useful to provide automation of existing entrance gates when the hinge geometry may be difficult for other types of gate mounted operators.

Gate Mounted Operators

Gate operators
We install a range of electro mechanical worm drive and hydraulic rams to be able to cope with almost all sizes and weights of entrance gates. We would normally install these operators in the centre of the gate attaching to the pier or post with purpose made bracketry either resin fixed or welded into place to provide the geometrical  configuration necessary for smooth and reliable operation. Whilst these operators will be visible from inside the property if we are providing purpose made gates they can often be concealed from view from the outside using design features of the gates.
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